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Webmaster Wade

With a lifelong passion for professional wrestling ignited at the age of four, I've immersed myself in the industry's artistry and theatrics. My educational journey includes Associate degrees in Multimedia, Liberal Arts, and Law, followed by a Bachelor's degree in Communications (Media Studies), and ongoing studies for a Master's degree in Communications at Cal State University San Bernardino. Over a decade of experience includes roles as Lead Play by Play Commentator for the Empire Wrestling Federation and as a Producer for various wrestling organizations. Influenced by the works of Jeremy Bentham, Saul Alinsky, Ben Bagdikian, and John Dewey, I'm committed to integrity and leading by example in all aspects of my work and personal life.

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The RingScoops® Story

Established on February 12, 2000, during my junior year of high school, RingScoops® began as a passion project with the aim of fostering connections within the wrestling community and beyond. As a lifestyle blog, we offer insights into the pro wrestling industry alongside coverage of gaming, food, travel, love, and life. Our diverse range of services includes video production, voice work, web design, graphic design, legal document preparation, speech writing, brand consulting, character development, and public speaking. Over the years, we've been honored to attend numerous WWE press events, including the WWE Network announcement in 2014. With experience both within and outside the wrestling industry, we bring a unique perspective informed by academic insights. Our mission is to cultivate friendships, seize new opportunities, and contribute positively to the wrestling world, leaving it better than we found it.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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